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Automatic doors from the German company GEZE

 Single sheetDouble Sheet
Weight of the door glassUp to 120 KgUp to 2*120 Kg
Opening width  
Opening speed  
Closing speed  


Flying doors with rails

Flying doors with rails are made to separate spaces. They are used in cafes, restaurants, hotels, shop, interior partitions, etc. They provid dual use of space depending on weather conditions giving users security, optical clarity, thermal, acoustic and aesthetic.



A. Flying doors with rails up and down. This multiple independent parking type panel system with an unlimited number of sheets of glass and numerous applications. It is silent, locks safly.


These parking type flying doors systems have the following possibilities:


Data sheets:

Maximum sheet's width 1000mm

Maximum sheet's height 3000mm
Maximum sheet's weight 80kg
Glass thickness 10mm
Parking normally or parallel


B. Door systems folding in multiple independent parking sheet type with double glazing (for better sound and heat insulation) and perimeter aluminum frame for optimum sealing.


Maximum sheet's width 1000mm

Maximum sheet's height 3000mm
of double glazing up to 23mm

Note: Both the above systems have the ability to have opening, open door and intermediate closed by using sheet roof mechanism of a single and double sheet), that means the interlayer have the opportunity to be used as opening or when we want to store with other sheets by folding them.



C. Systems hinged flying doors accordion type with hinges, so when pulling the first sheet the other sheets follow. Those systems are used as a separator of different spaces, terraces in homes, offices etc...


They can have the following applications:

  • Gathering on one side only
  • Gathering on either right or left
  • In conjunction with an opened door


In all these systems, the sealing is made by especial polycarbonate casings between glasses and special brushes up and down.


Sliding doors

Single and double sheets doorsfrom Casma and Olympi.



Aluminum frames for glass doors

Glassfixation systems for balconies or partitions without vertical columns with special profiles for non-tempered glasses or securit 5+5, 6+6, 8+8 and 10+10 or without handrail.


Frontal glass support systems

Thickness 10-30mm with based made of stainless steel either satin or glossy.