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Why you should choose us

Our company has all the necessary infrastructure to improve production and distribution of our products required by the modern marke


It has highly trained production staff and technical support with experience in the field of glass and is continuously training.

We have our own facilities within Athens with easy access and efficient service throughout Greece.


Our own trucks are available for transportation of our products to customers.


Daily quality control at every stage of the production process is made in ordeer to meet the required standard. Strict control are conducted in compliance with specifications made by qualified member of our company for imported raw materials.

      • Our suppliers are the largest house in the glass business, such as :
    •   Mafredonia Vetro s.p.a.
    •   Pilkington
    •   Saint Gobain
    •   Sisecam
    •   Guardian
        The PVB membranes \we use in the triplex unit:
    •   Solutia
    •   Trosifol
    •   Dupont
        For acccessories:
    •   Colcom
    •   Speedy by Casma

For all the above reasons, as well as our effort for the cost of our products to remain at low levels for clients, we continuously increase our market share and the trust of our customers